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PDS patient with muscle weakness, joint pain and fatigue

Twelve year old girl presented In clinic with muscle weakness, joint pain and fatigue, in April 2018. She is described by her parents as a sensitive, artistic and intelligent child.

Medical History

Stomach pain age 8 with increasing stomach and digestive problems, eventually diagnoses with “slow stomach” and was prescribed laxatives which helped. Age 10 developed acid reflux, which was worse during school year, improved in the summer. Was prescribed proton pump inhibitors for this. Also Zantac, vitamin D, calcium and omega 3.

January 2018 endoscopy, colonoscopy all clear. Blood work normal.

Dec 2017 Mother noticed that when child had bad reflux she also complained of sore joints.

Feb 2018 High fever with intense muscle weakness and joint pain. Immobile for a week, was only able to walk short distances and had constant joint and muscle pain and weakness with severe acid reflux.

Was put on a restrictive diet, no sugar, dairy, gluten free no acidic fruits, no change in her condition.

A visit to Hospital Emergency department was made where no explain action was given for her condition, but it was confirmed that it wasn’t psychosomatic or neurological.

Had missed 50 days of school in the academic year.

Arrived in clinic barely able to walk with a cane.

Seen by Professor Orlando Alves da Silva, diagnostic and visual tests done. Responded to active prism glasses, was able to stand, walk normally and move pain free within a short period of putting the glasses on.

Treated with active prisms, postural correction, ergonomic aids for school and home.

Her function was restored within a day, acid reflux resolved, she was able to travel home, visit New York for a weekend and returned to school to complete the academic year.

Her mother reported that within a month she had gained weight, was in clothes appropriate size for her age.

The patient continues to thrive at school and is well as long as she complies with the treatment.

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