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PDS in patient with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/ Myalgic Encephalitis (ME)


This is an excerpt from a diary of a 44-year-old man chronicling his recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/ Myalgic Encephalitis (ME). He is married with two small children. His symptoms started in October 2014 and by February 2018 he was confined to bed with minimal contact with the outside world.


The patient was seen by Professor Orlando Alves da Silva on April 24th 2018 and diagnosed with PDS. He began the treatment program immediately, wearing active prism glasses, following the postural reprogramming as he was taught, and changed his mattress as prescribed. The notes in brackets indicate the last time he was able to do the activity referred to. This diary excerpt refers to the period from April 26th (two days after he started the treatment)- May 8th 2018 (14 days after he started the treatment).


2 days later, he could sit in a chair for short periods (5 months)

3 days later, he attended and appointment with full assistance (more than 2 months) and was able to hold a prolonged conversation with two people (5 months)

4 days later, he had a night of refreshing sleep (5 months) and was able to interact with his children for short periods (more than 2 months)

5 days later,he could watch TV (more than 2 months)

6 days later, he could eat all meals at a table and had begun to take a few steps around his bedroom (more than 2 months)

7 days later, he had breakfast downstairs with his children (more than 2 months) and was able to move around the house in a relatively normal way, albeit negotiating the stairs on his bottom (5 months);

8 days later, he could walk up and down stairs and ate two meals with his family (5 months)

9 days later, he was able to have a detailed, technical discussion with two people for more than two hours (11 months)

10 days later, he could walk outside for half a mile (6 months) and ate all meals with the family (more than 2 months)

11 days later, he began to feel like his body was producing a normal level of energy. He kicked a football around with his children, met friends and talked for 20 minutes, walked for a mile, did the washing up and put both of his children to bed, including reading stories, without assistance (11 months)

12 days later, he walked up a steep hill to a park with his family (6 months), went to a restaurant for lunch (5 months) and was able to cope with both children shouting to get his attention at the same time (3.5 years)

13 days later, he spent the day in a park across town and was able to do the gardening and housework before dinner (11 months)

14 days later, he woke early to practice yoga, and enjoyed a full, active day because he felt completely normal (3.5 years).


He stopped making notes in the diary after 14 days because, as he wrote: “All in all, life is now sufficiently normal that I see no reason to continue this diary: I no longer have any symptoms of ME/CFS”.

The patient continues to be well and have full function provided he follows the treatment program.

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